Printing SP-2CR

  • Printing SP-2CR


Pneumatic printer with a large mobile working surface that has the peculiarity to be able to plan both the displacement of the two plane axes and the mold with which you want to work. You can choose from the program with which of the two molds mounted on the rotary head work. It also has a mobile and programmable paper printing device. The machine is ideal for printing particulars of handbags, wallets, shoes, labels, etc. Various adjustments available also include independent printing time for both dry and colored paper processing, enabling versatile use with a wide range of materials. There is also an adjustable head restraint. The complete PLC, with simple programming, is equipped with color touch screen. The mobile floor has dimensions 460 x 410mm. The machine's power is about 430 kg. With pneumatic supply of 6 bar. The machine is electrically operated and pneumatic and is constructed in accordance with current regulations.

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